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In 2018, Plaqad a marketing and public relations technology company, conducted a study into Big Brother Naija, using data from the 2018 “Double Wahala” season. The report was focused on finding the value of the show, and its impact on Nigeria.

The report was derived through primary and secondary statistics sources and comprised both qualitative and quantitative research methods. It also employs data got from Interviews, Focus Group Discussions, Online Research, and Surveys. Also, surveys were carried out on the organizers of the show; ex-housemates; auditionees; sponsors; journalists and bloggers; critics of the show; fans of the show, and the general viewing public. Key findings from the study show:

Key Stats

  • 70% of viewers love BBNaija for its entertainment value. 6% believe it contains educational value.
  • 80% of viewers believe BBNaija provides youth with the opportunity to succeed.
  • When asked which option between “Yahoo Yahoo,” a “University Degree” or contesting in BBNaija is the fastest and most reliable route to success for young Nigerians, the overwhelming response was BBNaija. More than 53% of respondents voted in favour of BBNaija while 43.6% said a university degree was a surer path to success. Only 2% opted for “Yahoo Yahoo”.
  • 61% of respondents believe BBNaija influences pop culture. Some described its impacts as “revolutionary.”
  • 1% of respondents say BBNaija has helped improve Nigeria’s image on the International Scene.
  • Expert survey places the media value of sponsoring BBNaija at “somewhere around N10 billion.”
  • Every housemate from the last episode ended up with corporate partnerships and brand ambassadorial deals.
  • The top industries that directly benefit from BBNaija include entertainment, telecoms, fashion, hospitality, tourism, and media.
  • Bisola is the “most loved” BBNaija housemate ever. Alex was voted second by 11.7% of the viewers. Miracle is the favourite housemate of 9.6% of the respondents while Ceec, Tobi and Efe tie at fourth with 8.5% of the respondents voting them as the most loved housemates respectively.
  • 5% of the members of the general public say they would accept a free slot to the Big Brother house if given.
  • The Friday Night Party is the most interesting feature of BBNaija. 34.6% of surveyed viewers say Friday night parties in the house are their most enjoyable moment on the Big Brother Naija show. 33.3% say they find the Live Show more interesting. 19.2% prefer the Dairy Session while 11.5% they enjoy the Celebrity Visits the most.
  • 75% of BBNaija ex-housemates say participating in BBNaija has helped them achieve some of their life goals. All the housemates surveyed say the show has made them more popular and they would encourage everyone to audition for BBNaija. 78% also say if given the chance, would go back to the Big Brother house again.
  • 100% of the current auditionees surveyed think BBNaija is a faster route to financial success than a 9-5 job and 50% say the show impacts youth culture in Nigeria.
  • Even though BBNaija is rated 18, more than 30% of those surveyed still said they find sex and nudity among housemates quite offensive. 6.4% think there is apparent favouritism in the show while 2.6% said lack of consolation prizes on the show was their biggest issue with the organizers of the show.

Brand equity, increase in subscriber or user acquisition and revenue growth are major motivating factors for the BBNaija organizers.